Pamela’s is a certified Co-active Coach.  She combines her years of experience as a professor, executive coach and yogini to help her clients deepen and enhance their lives.   She works with individuals and leads workshops ranging from overcoming obstacles to finding your authentic voice in the world.   

Pamela created sHeroes Journey™ as a vehicle for supporting, celebrating and empowering women as they find and speak their authentic voices in the world.

Pamela is interested in how the stories we tell shape our lives.  Change your story... Change your life!

  • The life coaching that I have done with Pamela has been more than invaluable. In less than 3 months I was able to totally envision a new direction for my career and book a high paying job in Singapore. My sessions with her were both productive and deeply healing. Thank you Pamela!
    — I Putu Budiawan (Aole Miller), Senior Lecturer (Acting) , University of Melbourne VCA
  • Her tool box is endless and truly works on all these levels. Because her own instrument is so aligned, you can feel the dynamic presence from which she thoroughly guides you to your absolute openness and availability! Pamela will make anyone at any stage make a giant leap in their development! She rocks your world, if you let her!
    — Charlotte af Geijerstam, Client NYC
  • I'm an actress, so working with Pamela was wonderful. She was very aware of the life style and challenges. She was so supportive and was a bright light when I needed it. Pamela allowed me to throw a million ideas at her and she helped zero in on the most pressing, and allowed me to refocus and gain clarity. Use her!! Some great ideas from our brainstorming have been made a reality because of her encouragement!
    — Kersti, Actress, NYC