Pamela leads executives through dynamic personalized approaches drawing from her years as a theatre professor and coach for actors.  She helps clients to define messages and learn to communicate from an authentic place to achieve desired outcomes. Primary areas of focus are:  Executive Presence, Storytelling and Accent/Dialect Enhancement for C-Suite Executives and their teams.    Pamela has worked executives to help them prepare for media appearances for shows such as “Good Morning America” , TED Talks and other media outlets.


Clients include:  AT & T, Spotify, Facebook, HIG Capital, Progrexion, The Carlyle Group, Barclays Capital, APAX,, Geeenpeak Partners, Security Scorecard, HonestTea,, Wood Creek Capital, 3M, The Rainmaker Consulting Group, Pernod Ricard & The Gilt Groupe among others.



   Pamela with Sheila Marcelo, President and Founder of

Pamela with Sheila Marcelo, President and Founder of

  • As a strategy consultant and business school professor, I am often asked for advice: my advice is to call Pamela to help you with your public speaking. Speaking is hard work. Pamela helped me gain power and control over my voice, all while working less hard. There's a reason why actors sound so good-- they have voice coaches. Pamela has the rare skill of knowing how to coach those of us who aren't actors. Each session with Pamela is a workout and it is also good fun.
    — Barry Nalebuff, Milton Steinbach Professor, Yale School of Management, Co-Founder of Honest Tea
  • I worked with Pamela, and found she was very professional with great experience. She had helped me with both professional coaching and language help. She is pleasant, easy to work with, and provided great advice. I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to improve his or her public speech skills and to have general career advice.
    — David X. Li, Prudential Financial, Risk Management
  • I had the pleasure of working with Pamela when I was working at Nestle. Pamela is a really gifted teacher and not only helped me with improving my presentation skills but greatly improved my articulation. Skills, exercises and techniques that I use till today. I learned a lot and highly recommend Pamela.
    — Reza Mirza, CEO at Icelandic Glacial Bottled Water
  • Pamela has been terrific. As I move to a more senior and client-facing role within my organization I felt the need to improve my accent/dialect and she has done an amazing job. She has been extremely effective where not just my colleagues at work but also my friends have seen a significant improvement in my communication skills. Pamela has strong expertise and she tailored the program specifically to my needs. Very creative at using scripts, mock meetings, etc to simulate my real life. I strongly recommend her.
    — Felipe Amador CEO / Managing Director at Advanced Asset Management

Pamela Prather works with HR Employees to amplify their vocal presence in the workplace. She shares her laughter techniques to help teach employers basic vocal tone strategies for increased verbal effectiveness as part of the Care At Work conference. "Those are actually roles that you're playing all of the time. And just like Meryl Streep,whether you're playing a mother, an executive, a father, or a friend, all of these roles are roles."