Pamela works with Actors, Executives & Curious Humans to achieve vocal/dialect goals.  Pamela holds an MFA from UCLA and is certified in Fitzmaurice Voicework®, Vibrant Voice Technique, Prana Yoga, Laughter Yoga and the creator of Laughing Voice™
Actors:  Pamela has coached over 27 Productions for the Tony Award® Winning Alley Theatre.  She has worked with Academy Award and Tony Award winning actors and loves collaborating with Directors and Performers to create the vocal and dialect design for productions and roles.
Executives:  38% of perception is through vocal tone alone! That’s why a carefully trained speaking voice is absolutely vital for “professional voice users”. Whether you are creating a dynamic power-point presentation, preparing for a public speaking event, polishing up an audition or just wanting to improve your voice, you can benefit from Pamela's Vocal Coaching for executives.
Curious Humans:  What is your voice in the world?  Do you project and resonate in the way you desire? Pamela works with compassion to help her clients discover their voice and express themselves authentically. Whether in a one-on-one setting or a workshop, she guides each person with a sensitive and thoughtful touch.
  • Pamela's class is unlike any other speech or text work, it is a combination of yoga, speech, IPA, improv, and play. Speech and Dialect work can over veer into static academia- the enemy of the professional actor- Pamela succeeds in making the study active, participatory, informative and most of all fun. Above all else, Pamela invests in the growth of her students as people and is a constant champion for their improvement in all ways.
    — Bryce Pinkham – Tony Award® Lead Actor nominee
  • Pamela's teaching was instrumental to my growth at the Yale School of Drama. She beautifully integrates voice and speech work with the actor's body and instrument as a whole. The work is always tied to character, story, and embracing each actor's unique instrument without judgement. It's hard not to leave Pamela's class smiling.
    — Zach Appelman, Actor (Sleepy Hollow)
  • I was lucky enough to have Pamela introduce me to voice work during my first year at the Yale School of Drama. She opened my world to the power of the voice-- the strength, joy, and breadth of emotion it carries-- through not only her knowledge, but also her self-practice. Pamela is the real deal. I'm so grateful for the barriers she helped me break through and the freedom I found on the other side.
    — Adina Verson, played lead Indecent on Broadway
  • Pamela Prather's approach to voice and speech was a FULL Body experience. It wasn't just about sound and articulation. It helped me understand that the voice and speech of a character are as important as the character's mind, soul, and body. It is the origin of the character's experience personified.
    — Bryan T. Clark, Currently playing George Washington in Hamilton on Broadway, originated role of Marvin Gaye in Motown, Grammy® nominated
  • Pamela’s voice and speech work is more than just a tool for the actor. It’s a personal practice for the actor’s everyday life. It allows me to be fully and freely myself everyday so that I can be full and free in my work. It helped me to understand that my voice and speech are not in the sidecar to my being. But is just as much apart of my being as my emotions, way of thinking, beliefs and actions.
    — Chaundre Broomfield, touring show of Hamilton
  • Pamela's work has been show-saving! I'm slow with dialects and therefore terrified of them and entered our first sessions with fear and trembling. But she made the principles so accessible and her energy was so encouraging that I caught on more quickly than I'd ever expected and soon found myself acting with the dialect rather than in spite of it! I still don't know how she does it, but what she accomplishes is liberating. She's a truly gifted collaborator!
    — Mary Louise Burke, Film/ TV & Broadway Actress
  • Pamela Prather is a gifted voice and speech coach who forged sympathetic and genuinely helpful relationships with all seven actors in the company of The Psychic Life of Savages. Much of the play’s depth and humor depended on actors credibly reciting poetry as poets: to this task, Pamela brought her research, listening and teaching skills, giving the production much needed specificity. It was a pleasure to work with her.
    — James Bundy, Director and Dean of Yale School of Drama