Official Instructor

I am thrilled to be part of the inaugural VVT official instructor training group.   I am a professor, a vocal/dialect coach, and an executive presence coach.  I have served on the faculty of Yale School of Drama, NYU, and UCLA, and am currently an Assistant Professor of Theatre at SUNY Purchase College.

I received my MFA in Acting from UCLA and am certified in Fitzmaurice Voicework®, Laughter Yoga and Prana Yoga.  I have used these techniques to create and develop work called Laughing Voice®.  

Professionally, I have coached over 20 productions for the the Tony Award® winning Alley Theatre. Additional credits include coaching for the:  Tony Award® winning Cleveland Play House, Dallas Theater Center, Yale Repertory Theatre, Hartford Stage Company, Primary Stages (NYC), Bay Street Theatre (NY), Underwood Theatre (NYC), The Play Company (NYC), The Edge Theatre Company (NYC), New York Classical Theatre, St. Ann’s Warehouse, Dance Theatre Workshop (NYC), Hampton’s Shakespeare Festival.

What is Vibrant Voice Technique?


Learn Vibrant Voice, the online course is a series of 27 videos in which you'll learn exercises using external vibration to target the specific muscles that tend to become tense and reduce vocal quality. By releasing the tension, and also using the vibration as a kinesthetic tool, it’s possible to enhance vocal resonance and improve voice quality.

In this training you will learn:

  • How to reduce muscle tension that may contribute to fatigue or inhibit the quality of your voice
  • How to super-charge the vibration of your vocal folds
  • How to enhance your resonance so that you can produce more sound with less work
  • How to energize your articulators so that you can communicate more effectively

If you're tired of feeling vocally fatigued, if you want a stronger, more resilient voice, if  you're interested in a simple way to maintain your vocal health and enhance the power of your voice...

Join us!